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I first worked with Nauhria Reinforcing on France Street Apartments in 2018 and they were so impressive that I’ve used them on all my projects since then, for a combined value of over $200m.

I was introduced to them initially by my colleague and was impressed right from the first meeting when they brought their GM (Krissh) and Owner (Rakesh). Nauhria is a big company but they still have a hands-on, personal, family approach to business. Having upper management there showed me that if we ever get into trouble, I could reach out with one phone call to the upper management to help and had confidence they would move quickly to help. Their handshake is their word, they believe in old-fashioned service, and they will go beyond the contract to help – it’s how I like to do business and I appreciate their values and approach to partnerships. Beyond that, they’ve also performed extremely well and obviously been competitive on price, too. 

There are three key phases in the reinforcing process that really count when it comes to large scale projects like ours:

  • The first stage is getting detail sheets correct. They consistently do this in a timely manner, allowing us time to review, which allows them time to capture comments and update so we both end up with a detail sheet that’s been checked off and has a much better chance of being correct. They do this very well.
  • Second stage is getting the steel bent, fabricated and delivered to site as per those detail sheets, which they are great at as well.
  • Thirdly, when we have last-minute updates or design changes, Nauhria are very good at responding – getting the product urgently bent and delivered to site to ensure we still have time to install, QA and make the concrete pour. This responsiveness and urgency is one of their biggest strengths and obviously critical to us to meet dates.

I would definitely recommend Nauhria Reinforcing as a steel bending and fabrication supplier and enjoy doing business with them.

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I’ve worked on projects with the Nauhria Reinforcing team since 2008, including the Waikeria Prison build which was a tier 1 project. Pricing always opens the door and Nauhria have competitive pricing, plus I have a good working relationship with owner Rakesh, and understand the value he adds to the company process. Therefore I have often offered the opportunity over the years to tender for projects.

The Waikeria Prison has definitely been our largest project together. Nauhria Reo were the supply and install contractors on the project. There were occasionally a few operational items that had to be addressed in the early days of the prison project that, but any issues that came up were resolved quickly. The Nauhria team became one of the best-performing contractors in the construction phases on that site, by taking on feedback and improving. Ultimately, their safety was good, their production was good, their quality was good. Those three factors are what matter to me when it comes to a reinforcing contractor.

For those looking to use Nauhria for a reinforcing job, I say give them the opportunity. Their communication from a management level has always been really good, they’re always competitive, pricing wise, and will cover the essential criteria.

I’ve worked with Nauhria Reinforcing on a number of projects over the past six or seven years and find them very good. At the moment we’re working with them on a large $40m Metlife Care build in Red Beach consisting of two blocks of 61 apartments. It involves a large inground foundation, ground beams, and reinforcing on the floor slabs throughout the structure. The site management from Nauhria Reo has been very good, the quality of work excellent and the on-site teams great to deal with – I’ve been very happy with how they’ve gone. I’ve found them to be a reliable supplier in my previous dealings with them and for this project they’ve gone up another level.

For anyone thinking of using Nauhria Reinforcing I would highly recommend them. From seeing the physical way they go about the work, their steel supply, and the trouble-free approach they have working on site, I’m really happy with their performance.

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“We’ve used Nauhria Reinforcing on multiple substantial projects in the education, retirement and industrial sectors. We’ve built a good relationship with them over the years as they have grown in their systems. Their focus on self-improvement has been impressive in the last four or five years – they have been very good with responsiveness with fixed labour teams and the quality of products they deliver.

What we appreciate about Nauhria Reinforcing is how they work closely with our site teams to ensure all key project objectives are met and any design changes are dealt with promptly. This is very much helped by the fact that they have a very efficient and cooperative team in the factory. We appreciate that support.

We like to work as a team with our suppliers – you can’t deliver a project on your own. Nauhria has shown themselves to be a great partner with good communication and early planning with our teams to get the best results.

We highly recommend Nauhria Reinforcing.”

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