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Cut and Bend

Our Auckland factory boasts a range of state-of-the-art cutting and bending machines, including shearlines and automatic double benders. As a result, we can help with jobs of all sizes, with the ability to produce 2000T in a month.

Our skilled team and large factory deliver accurate custom products, specific to your site and requirements. Using our cutting-edge machines means our clients avoid scrap offcuts — avoiding wastage and cost waste — for an accurate cut, every time.

Our technology provides an accurate measure, bend, radius and cutting of rebar to meet your exact requirements, while giving you the confidence that your reinforcing steel fully conforms to New Zealand’s Standards and Codes.

Features & benefits

  • We offer precut & bent reinforcing steel products to make in situ on-site steel fixing faster, easier and highly efficient.
  • Our skilled professional production team are experienced in precision design details including edge rebates, false joints, decorative details, drain channels and tapered declines amongst many other specific requirements.
  • Nauhria Reinforcing’s production factories operate 24/7. Fabrication of custom rebar components is carefully planned for efficient ganged production.
  • Our automated MEP Numerical-bending technology processes up to 16mm diameter bars, round or deformed, from stock lengths to ensure post-bend bar strength is achieved.
  • Larger diameter bars (20–32mm+) and X, Y, Z dimensional bars require manual processing with electric shears and benders.
  • Minimum bend radiuses are maintained at all times in accordance with the NZ Standard.

Rebar Detailing

Our experienced rebar detailers interpret the project engineer’s design from supplied structural drawings and — in accordance with industry best practice and New Zealand’s building standards and codes — prepare schedules of custom rebar components, ready for fabrication and Hiab delivery to the project.

Having clear drawing information and a clear understanding of the project programme is paramount to ensuring the right product is made and delivered to site at the right time.

Nauhria’s detailers have extensive experience on all magnitudes of projects and often provide solutions to errors or omissions with a proactive approach together in collaboration with the project engineers, saving the build both time and money.

Mesh Reinforcing

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