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As well as specialising in reinforcing steel, we also offer relevant building accessories and miscellaneous products to accommodate all reinforcing needs.

We stock plastic bar chairs, concrete spaces, wagon wheels, Reid fittings, safety caps, tie wire and more. Most items come in different shapes and sizes so if you don’t see what you need, reach out and we can probably source it for you.

See our full range of related accessories below and please reach out if you have any questions — our team is more than happy to help.

Starters, Stirrups, Links & Corner Bars

Nauhria Reinforcing can manufacture a range of starters (Hook & L-Hook), stirrups, links and corner bars to fit your requirements. We are also able to supply spirals and cages. 

Tie Wire:

Nauhria Reinforcing stocks a range of tie wire in black Annealed.


1.60mm x 300mm long 1kg bundle
1.60mm x 400mm long 1kg bundle


25kgs coil 2.5kg

Bar Chairs

Nauhria Reinforcing supplies bar chairs to New Zealand building, contracting and engineering industries. 

Combination Bag:

25/40, 50/65, 75/90, 85/100

Clip On:

20BC, 25BC, 30BC, 35BC, 40BC, 50BC, 60BBC, 65BC


Bar Spacers

Concrete spacers:

These are designed with highest construction standards in mind. Also known as cover blocks, these provide the specified concrete cover to the reinforcement used in civil construction both before and during concreting.

Concrete spacers include a hole for tie-wire attachment. They are suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, ie slabs, beams, columns, walls etc.  

25/35, 35/40,40/50, 60/75, 70/100, 120, 150

Concrete Spacers

Bar Spacers:

50/300, 75/300, 50/800, 75/800, 50/900, 75/900, 100/900

Safety Caps:

Steel reinforcing bars, or rebar, are a common hazard on construction sites. The thin steel bars can stick out and pose a hazard to workers who can cut or scratch (or worse) themselves on the sharp ends.

These safety caps are used for Reo bar 12-32mm. The cap is high-vis orange and features holes to allow tie on to star-post. Internal flaps hold on to deformed or straight steel ends.

Designed with smooth rounded cap to minimise damage or impalement injury in workplace accidents.